About Us

The Council is a Charitable, international, intercultural, interracial and inclusive fellowship of churches and ministry centers which seeks to realize Christian unity in local, national, and world relations. The Council seeks fellowship, mutual support, and common ministries that reflect the unity of all who see themselves within the Christian tradition.

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Email: theimca@gmail.com, Web: theimca.org


The Council is at its heart relationships among individuals, churches and centers in the service of our common purpose and mission. Through the Council local churches and ministry centers find it possible to find and develop connection with the wider church. In mutual encouragement and resourcing through the Council, local ministries are strengthened. For the more certain presentation and security of the principles of our work for the Lord and for the purpose of preserving the liberties inherent in each individual member of this Christian Council, we do declare and establish this constitution.

Objectives and Purpose

To propagate the Gospel; To be an integral partner in the worldwide ecumenical movement; To love and serve God, God’s people, and God’s creation; To ordain and license Ministers of God to do God’s work; To bring Ministers and Churches together to equip them for the advancement of the kingdom of God; To give support to one another (See Article 10, Section; Departments, 1:4) To advance Christian education; To connect with Christian Bodies worldwide to promote God’s Kingdom; To give recognition and authenticity for its member churches and ministers; To Support Missions.


Membership of the I.M.C.A is open to Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who are active or in good standing with their respective churches. Membership of the I.M.C.A is a commitment on the part of members to seek for lost souls and lead them to Christ. It is God who is always seeking for lost souls but not vice versa.

Qualifications for Membership

Any historically established, chartered or incorporated church or ministry center that identifies itself as being within the Christian tradition and that signifies its willingness to support the purpose of the Council by participation in Council activities and by financial support of the Council may apply for membership in the Council. They must abide by and observe the tenets of faith. The council will not approve or accept membership of individuals or churches that perform same sex marriage. There shall be a verification of ministerial status. A participating member may request a withdrawal of their membership at any time with a formal written letter indicating reason(s) for withdrawal. In any event, the I.M.C.A. shall honor the request after a careful consideration. The council shall have the right to withdraw membership.

Standards for Membership

Standards for membership shall be those recommended by the Board of Directors and endorsed by the Annual Conference. Standards for membership shall be communicated to member churches and centers at least once annually by such means as the Board of Directors may direct.

Church Relations:

• Christian Hope Min. Int. Church
• World Vision Int. Church
• Int. Healing Cathedral
• Ramah Full Gospel Church
• Mount Zion Covenant Min
• Pentecost International Church
• The Assemblies of God Church

• Victory Community Church
• Bethel World Outreach
• Hosanna Evangelical Ministries
• City of Glory Church
• Revival and Redemption Min.
• Mount Zion Prayer Ministries

• Christ The Light Church
• New Life Outreach Ministries
• Apostolic Church
• Int. Baptist Ministries
• Gilgal Baptist Ministries
• Rehoboth Ministries
• Emmanuel Methodist Church